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Rehabilitation Services

Older male going through physical therapy

Here at New Wave Health Care Center, we provide you with therapeutic exercises indicated for individuals who have developed physical “reconditioning” of their muscular systems. Several key concepts are fundamental to this therapeutic approach. A chiropractic rehabilitation specialist (CRS) knows how to improve muscular endurance, coordination, balance, strength and flexibility through therapeutic exercises with simple techniques requiring minimal expense in equipment or space. Rehabilitation exorcises are implemented to balance out the body from repetitive daily routines. Relief of pain does not restore muscle mass or muscle strength, only a carefully executed stabilization routine can achieve that. patients are educated in rehabilitation programs specially designed for each individual’s condition to improve function and to regain muscle strength resulting in “taking the load off” the compensated areas. The rehabilitation program is successful because it follows modern physiological principles of tissue repair, endurance training, muscular hypertrophy and neural control.